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Banana is an essential fruit which exist throughout the world not only to is delightful taste but due to its health benefits. Its importance made it as a traded commodity which in the same way or another is a source of income. In the manner of capacity they are the initially distributed fruit, they stand second in rank following citrus fruit in expressions of cost. As a fragile commodity, banana is said to be a very important product on economic, social, environmental and political foundation. Bananas are as well very consumable goods for some emergent states, mutually with wheat, rice or corn, for this reason, banana bears the importance of food assurance. Various principal banana generating nations, like India or Brazil, are scarcely engaged in banana global business. In fact, a fraction of around one fifth of the entire banana production is globally marketed. However, the contribution of banana traffic in global banana production raised gradually in the last decades. The international banana market shows a highly regional character.

Exporting nations stand on banana commerce as a very significant foundation of profit, employment and distribution revenues. Particularly those emergent nations in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in Asia and Africa. Provided by the statistical information, total worth of world banana traders as of 2006 is $5.8 billion, creating them visibly a very important resource of revenues to various nations. A solid connection subsists linking banana-generated profit and household food assurance. Distribution quantity or price variations produces about profit modifications for those completely engaged in banana production, both as small scale growers and as workers on banana farm plantations.

Banana shares several health benefits which are vital in the human health. It offers less calories, fat, sodium, and soluble fiber. The fruit contains superior quantity of potassium and magnesium. It is also good foundation of vitamin B6. The vitamin C in bananas supports in the protection of the human body against infections. The vitamin is verified to be essential in the production of connective tissue, the absorption of iron and blood formation. Potassium content helps in the structuring of muscles and protein production which done as potassium stimulate nerve impulses for muscle tightening. Potassium-rich diet is thought to decrease the hazard of hypertension and stroke. Banana fruit consists of three kinds of natural sugar which is sucrose, fructose and glucose that works best as energy booster. Vitamin B6 in the banana, aides in the production of antibodies within the immune system separate from red blood structure, protein metabolism and performance of the central nervous system. Banana burns off calories originating carbohydrate easily and with haste compared to calories taken from fat or protein.

Banana elements which are responsible in improving energy level of a person are its three natural sugar which sucrose, fructose and glucose.

Sucrose catabolism by Streptococcus mutans is initiated by a phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sucrose phosphotransferase reaction that produces sucrose 6-phosphate; the latter is then cleaved by a sucrose 6-phosphate hydrolase reaction that yields glucose 6-phosphate and fructose. We have examined the regulation of the sucrose 6-phosphate hydrolase and found that it was synthesized constitutively whereas sucrose phosphotransferase activity was inducible. However, the levels of both sucrose phosphotransferase and sucrose 6-phosphate hydrolase were repressed when fructose was used as a growth substrate. The specific activity of sucrose 6-phosphate hydrolase in permeabilized cells was approximately 30 nmol/min per mg (dry weight of cells), and it had an apparent Km for sucrose 6-phosphate of 0.3 mM. Analysis of a mutant that was missing sucrose 6-phosphate hydrolase activity revealed that its ability to hydrolyze sucrose was reduced.
Source: American Society of Microbiology

The rich, sweet and creamy taste of bananas made it a favorite fruit for everyone from infants to elders. It potent potassium content is highly appreciated by athletes as a source of high energy.

Potassium and Fiber, Defense for Cardiovascular Ailment
Potassium which is the most significant mineral in bananas helps in maintaining regular blood pressure and vital heart performances. Every piece of the fruit contains an enormous amount of potassium at 467mg. A consumption of banana a day may supports in preventing high blood pressure and guards the body opposing atherosclerosis which prevents the substantial hazard of stroke. This efficiency had been determined by the various studies relating foods having high content of potassium.

A study which was participated by 10,000 American adults which documents are kept in the Archives of Internal Medicine validates that consumption of high fiber foods like bananas, support in deterrence of heart ailments. The study presented that individual taking a 21 grams of fiber a day had 12% less coronary heart disease and 11% cardiovascular disease. Potassium content in banana helps in encouraging bone health. Potassium may frustrate rising of urinary calcium loss instigated by salty diet, thereby prevent bones from thinning.

Gentle Defense from Ulcers
Stomach ulcer and its impairment are alleviated by the antacid effects of banana. A simple blend of banana and milk considerably concealed acid emission in the stomach which if liberally taken for granted, could cause acidity that drives ulcers and other stomach ailments.

Substances in bananas made this protective performance possible. These substances stimulate the cells that create the inside layer of stomach and generate a thicker protective mucus barrier opposing stomach acids. Protease inhibitors is also a compound which if found banana fruit which is responsible for the elimination of bacteria in the stomach which is edntified as the main reason of stomach ulcers.

Improving Elimination
Diarrhea can hastily drain the body’s essential electrolytes which when happen could cause some elimination problems. A smart move in evading this predicament is the consumption of banana. Bananas refills the most importance electrolytes stored in the body which potassium that supports in controlling heart performances and maintaining body’s fluid balance. The soluble fiber in banana called pectin helps in normalizing the movement of the digestive tract and alleviates constipation. Bananas also contain resistant starch which amounts relies on the ripeness rates of the fruit. In their lesser ripe stages, bananas score as low as 30 on the glycemic index (below 50 would be considered low). In their riper phase, this quantity typically increases to a reasonable level in the 60's.

Develop Superior Bones
Having joy in the consumption of bananas in inevitable because its offers such a delightful taste which could make a person feel good. However, this aptitude is just the initial concern that banana could offer. Consumption of banana helps in developing a superior bones because it supports the body;s ability to take in calcium thru various mechanisms.

Remarkably bananas are an opulent foundation of fructooligosaccharide, a compound known as prebiotic that promote probiotic bacteria in the colon. These valuable bacteria generate vitamins and digestive enzyme that enhances the body’s ability soak up nutrients and other compounds that guard the body opposing unfriendly microorganisms. As fructooligosaccharides are stimulated by these friendly bacteria, not only do quantities of probiotic bacteria augment, but so does the body's aptitude to attract calcium.

Short chain fatty acids in green bananas are a preferred food of the cells that make up the intestine lining. As these cells are well-nurtured and healthy, the body's capability to take up nutrients like calcium can be raise radically.

A research published in one of the issue of Digestive Diseases and Sciences highlights how banana enhances nutrient absorption. The study is participated by 57 male babies of 5-12 months having constant diarrhea for a 14 day duration were provided a week medication of rice-based nutrition containing green banana. The treatment presented a 50% decrease in stool weights, signifying that the babies were absorbing considerable additional nutrients.

Reduce Kidney Cancer Risk
Hazard aspect of kidney includes smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, exposure to toxic chemicals like asbestos and cadmium and high consumption of fruit juices. These findings were presented by the results of kidney cancer which are diagnosed every year.

According to the research published in the International Journal of Cancer, continuous digestion of whole fruits and vegetables particularly bananas is highly important due to its protective ability. The upshots of this huge population based potential study (13.4 years) of 61,000 women aged 40-76, presented that women taking more than 75 servings of fruits and vegetables per month incise their hazard of kidney cancer by 40%. Among the fruits, banana offers the most protection. A consumption of bananas four to six times a week divided the hazard of acquiring disease into half.

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